How long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results?

The exact answer is that you must wear a waist trainer on your abdomen for 7 hours a day, and for at least one week, while you have to incorporate workout and proper eating. The following will show a detailed description of how long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results, and the results definitely surprise you.

No nonsense, let’s continue. We know you might ask these questions such as how long should you wear a waist trainer? or how long should I wear my waist trainer? if you are a new beginner wanna to start your waist training journey. According to one of article from SHOP4FUN stated that basically putting waist trainer 7 hours a day on your abdomen, and for at least one week will see the result you expect. Meanwhile, they’re also stating that it depends situation because some female incorporate it into their ongoing healthy lifestyle routine, and some female only uses it for party, wedding or certain particular events.

Understand the type of waist training garment you are looking for?

If you have done some research before, I’m sure you find that not every waist trainer are the same (e.g., some made of different materials, different cuts, styles and different compression level). Thus, how long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see the results are depending on which one you are wearing.

  • Waist trainers for daily

Waist trainers for daily

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These all made of latex material that giving high compression on your midsection, and they are often designed to be hidden under clothing for all day use. Most styles use hook-and-eye closures on the front.

  • Waist trainers for workout

Waist trainers for workout

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These are all designed with patterns and bright color (e.g., Sweet Sweat, Gold’s Gym, Miss Belt and Sbelt waist trainer etc.). They are giving high compression with latex just same like a daily waist trainer. Also, they made with a sturdier material as they can provide very good back support to avoid happen hurt during perform any activity (e.g. weight lifting).

  • Corsets garment

Corsets garment

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These similar with waist trainers, but corsets are going to give you a more dramatic cinch at the waist. They usually reinforced with sturdy steel boned and tightened with laces in the back. I don’t recommend corset as you will feel hard to breathe. This difference between corset vs waist trainer article worth for you to read.

What are your objective and occasions?

I know your goal is wanna to show your perfect hourglass figure in front of everyone. But, how long should you wear a waist trainer are depends on your occasions. The following are the occasions you can wear a waist trainer for best results:

  • Particular occasions

A waist trainer garment can create temporary stunning hourglass figure result when you put it underneath clothing. The special occasion included formal wedding, fancy dress party, and birthday parties.

  • Continuous daily waist training routine

Some women like their appearance in the waist trainer so much that they want to incorporate it into their daily wardrobe. Daily waist training routine is an effective part of a healthy lifestyle, whether you are trying to reduce weight or trying to get a perfect hourglass figure results. However, Kim Kardashian waist trainer is a very good choice.

  • During exercise time

Many waist trainers (e.g. Gold’s Gym, Sbelt, Sweet Sweat waist trainer and etc.) are specifically designed for strengthening exercises. These waist trainers can help stimulate your core, and accelerate your sweating when you are working out.

How long should I wear my waist trainer each day?

How long should I wear my waist trainer each day

There isn’t accurate time stated how long you should wear a waist trainer each day. However, for best results (improve good posture, reduce weight, achieve the perfect hourglass figure and etc.), we suggest you wear a waist trainer for seven hours every day.

However, some women split the waist training time up into two sessions, that is, two hours or more each. After a period of time, you will gradually adapt to this feeling of putting waist trainer around your waist. In addition, some people may think if they can add more waist training hours overnight. That’s possible, but you should let’s your skin and body torso to relax as well after whole day waist training. Agree?

So, how often should I wear my waist trainer to see results?

how often should I wear my waist trainer to see results

We repeat again the answer, that is, wear a waist trainer for seven hours every day. In fact, there have many experienced consultants in waist training stated: If you follow the waist training plan instead of randomly doing waist training, then you will definitely get good results. Instead, you will get nothing result and hurt yourself in the end if you didn’t follow the plan.

Again, how long should you wear a waist trainer for best results are regarding on your motivation and body factors. Assuming you don’t paired it with a healthy lifestyle, waist training will not achieve the best results. Also, a healthy diet, a workout routine, plenty of rest and rehydrate are factors that cause slimming and lose weight. With all of these factors above and also might include personal’s current body shape, metabolism, and genetic makeup factors as well, then possibly you can see some change results in a week.

Keep in mind that waist trainer garment just one supplement can help you temporarily reduce your waistline while you are doing waist training. This is why I always say that effective waist training must combine waist trainer with a nutritious diet and daily exercise.


All in all, how long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results depends on your final goals want to be. For best results, then you have to wear it seven hours daily to get the perfect hourglass figure. In addition, this waist training plan will definitely let you know the exact conditions to follow to help you get results quickly.