Kardashian Waist Trainer – What Brand Does Kim’s Family Use?

Kardashian Waist Trainer - What Brand Does Kim K sister Use

Waist training method has been around for centuries but was unpopular. Kardashian waist trainer is getting famous because of Kim K with Kardashian sisters hard push promoted at Instagram. 

One of the fashion and workout trends of the past several years has been waist training and thanks in no small part to the Kardashian sisters who are Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian. They’ve taken turns showing off their hourglass curves along with their so-called “Kardashian waist trainer.” Since there have many people curious about the Kardashians’ waist training secrets, then we look back at their photo from Instagram.

khloe kardashian black waist trainer

May 2, 2014 – Khloe Kardashian post a photo claimed she was obsessed with her waist trainer.

Kim Kardashian Blue Waist Trainer Garment

August 21, 2014 – KimK revealed a bright blue workout waist trainer that worn over a tight white tank. She said she was “obsessed” about waist training.

Kourtney Kardashian pink waist trainer garment

March 2, 2015 – Kourtney showed her getting ready to go to the workout with her bright-pink workout waist trainer.

Kylie Kardashian black waist trainer garment

September 8, 2015 – Kylie tried waist training after seeing the results of her sisters. She stated loved the extra help a waist trainer gave her for her morning walk.

khloe kardashian waist trainer result

Khloe Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer result

Kim Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian waist trainer result

Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie Kardashian waist trainer result

Kylie Kardashian

Although some hype has disappeared in the past few years, they still use waist trainers to maintain their curves. They even succeeded in returning to the hourglass body after childbirth through this waist training method which been using for hundreds of years around the world. Below are their 2020 latest waist train results.

Does Kim Kardashian waist trainer work?

Yes, the Kardashian Waist Trainer works very well. You can see that Kardashian’s family (Kim K, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie) prove to use it help maintain and build a powerful hourglass waist effect.

  • The waist trainer can reduce your appetite and prevent you from struggling to overeat.
  • It also helps to improve bad posture and forces you to sit or stand in an upright position.
  • It produces heat in your abdomen that causes you to drain a lot of sweat and accelerate calorie burning during a workout.

Kim Kardashian is one of best example although KimK already the mother of several children, she shows that wearing a waist trainer able to successfully lose weight quickly in the postpartum and maintain a slim figure.

Which brand of waist trainer does Kim Kardashian use?

Many people are curious about the Kim Kardashian Waist Cincher brand because they didn’t mention the brand in their social media accounts. The brand used by Kim Kardashian called Ann Chery waist trainer. Some nutrition experts have suggested that the Ann Chery waist trainer is a quick solution to realize the hourglass waistline. Also, using Ann Chery waist cincher to lose weight after childbirth does work its magic.

Kim Kardashian how long wear waist trainer?

Kim Kardashian has been wearing a waist cincher from 2014 till 2020, and she will still keep going on. Kim K has integrated it into her daily life. You can choose to wear it for 8 hours if you are accustomed to the waist trainer. Don’t wear it during sleep or exercise before you have got used to it. The longer you wear the waist trainer, the hourglass shape result more obvious by over time.

Waist Trainer Kim Kardashian Amazon

Buy Waist Trainer Kim Kardashian Amazon

Buy Kardashian Waist Trainer Amazon Here

To make you clearly understand, so please remember that Waist Trainer Kim Kardashian equal to Ann Chery Waist Trainer. It’s not hard to find waist trainer Kim Kardashian on Amazon, but you don’t know which seller is reliable. In the end, I found this seller from all Amazon seller comments. Following are those customers review:



Kardashian Waist Trainer Reviews from Leah Aaya CustomerThe first cincher I bought was large. At the time I measured my waist, and it was a 31. It was tight, but by the 2nd week, I could move it over. After six weeks of wearing my cincher plus jogging in it at least three times a week, waist measurement was 28! I LOVE my Faja Ann Chery and am now in a medium 😍 I had tried the Squeem before, but this is way more heavy duty.

KimKardashian waist trainer review from Cliente Amazon

I love this waist trainer so much! It is of great quality -Ann Chery verified- (like the Kardashians wear), arrived before expected and it fits perfectly. It offers support and the first days I wore it for a few hours, but now I wear it every waking hour. Besides training my waist it has helped me gain a better posture. Most of my friends have tried it, and now they are buying their own. It is easy to put on. I can do it by myself if doesn’t move, and it is very comfortable. Don’t look any further this is the perfect waist trainer.

Kim Kardashian Waist Trainer Amazon Reviews from William

I am 5 days postpartum with my 3rd baby, and I just received this product today. I should have got a size larger because I can only close the top two hooks, but that is my fault. This product is seriously AMAZING. Very very good quality and I can’t wait until it fits! I am 5’3′ and 125 pounds right now, and I ordered a Medium. I probably need to lose 2-3 more pounds before I’ll be able to close it fully. Just still a little bloated with water weight. I’m not sure why others have gotten fakes, mine has Ann Chery tags on it and everything. This product is very well put together, and I’m very impressed with it. I will be recommending to my girlfriends!!! I’ll add photos when it fits! Well, I cheated and used an It Works wrap because I’m impatient and really wanted to get this baby on! Lost two inches and it fits great! I’m 7 days postpartum now, and it’s not even uncomfortable, I’m so in love with this product!!


Waist training is one of the natural methods used to help girls create hourglass effects for centuries, and many celebrities have started. You only need to spend a small amount of money to buy the Kardashian waist trainer to reduce weight without spending thousands of dollars on weight loss surgery. Why not allow trying it yourself?

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