Colombian Waist Training: Top 5 Best Colombian Waist Trainer Reviews

I have heard many beginners talk about how Colombian waist training helps them achieve an hourglass shape effect. Let’s our seniors answer all your questions and introduce you to the top 5 best Colombian waist trainer reviews.

What is Colombian waist training?

What is Colombian waist training

I have to clarify before delving into this topic. The Colombian waist training is the same as what we usually call waist training, so please don’t ask for trouble. The waist training practice has existed since the Victorian era and many ladies are crazy about it. This practice has to start with choosing the best Fajas Colombian corset, as it is mainly used to cinch your waist and immediately produce an hourglass-shaped effect for you. Nowadays, people are using the waist trainers Colombian to replace the corsets.

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Do Colombian waist trainers work?

Do Colombian waist trainers really work

YES! If you know celebrity Kim Kardashian very well, then you must hear she was using waist training method to maintain her sexier body shape. Beside of Ann Chery, the Colombian waist trainer is one of Kim favor high compression garment.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that these waist trainer brands (i.e. Camellias, Love-Beauty, Colombian, Ann Chery, and so on) can help you achieve hourglass figure and lose weight result, but Kim.K is a good example to prove it’s effective.

Personal discipline is important for Colombian waist training, as you have to combination of effective workout and diet instead of just wearing Fajas waist trainer.  The whole process is very natural, because once you wear the waist trainer, you will find that the food intake is reduced and no longer feel hungry. I suggest you read on this article “Waist Training Diet Plan “to explored more.

If you are a beginner, please do not set the date to reach your desired waistline. This is very important for the success and abandonment of your Colombian waist training, because everyone’s physique is different. In my experience, the wearer can see slight changes in the waist area (i.e. the waist becomes smaller) within 1-2 weeks. Here is the post about trainer before and after results.

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What’s Fajas Colombianas?

What is Fajas Colombianas

The Fajas Colombianas in Spanish is means a girdle, shaper, shape wear, corset, or either waist trainer Colombian. The name of Fajas Colombianas is widely known because these waist trainers Colombian are made from medical grade latex material.

As we know, the medical grade latex material can effectively make you sweat and flatten your bulge fat. That’s why almost plastic surgeons in the Colombian country have used the Fajas Clombianas garment for more than 20 years. Usually, they will recommend that patients wear Colombian waist trainer after liposuction surgery to ensure that the surgical area can be tightened and protected. It also helps postpartum women to stretch their muscles and reduce stretch marks, so that can restore their previous body. YES, other benefits include being used to promote detoxification, fat metabolism, blood circulation, improves posture and back support.

What are the best waist trainer Colombian?

What are the best waist trainer Colombian

The Colombian waist trainer is highly anticipated no matter you are a beginner or a senior in the waist training program. You may worry about which one is right for you due to too many choices in the market. We have done some research for you and show you the top 5 best Colombian waist trainer reviews, which can actually give you beautiful silhouette and hourglass effect you want.

  1. ShapEager Premium Colombian Waist Cincher for Women and Men

ShapEager Premium Colombian Waist Cincher for Women and Men

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The ShapEager waist trainer available in two eye-catching colors, which are black and pink. To ensure wearer gets the best experience, it’s made from fresh yet light material. It has a mid-high compression features which is not common among many Colombian waist trainers.

The ShapEager waist cincher is specifically ideal for use at the gym and fitness activities, but not recommend wearing it underneath clothing to attend parties or any particular event. The ShapEager also helps correct body posture and back support to prevent injuries during exercise, especially when performing weightlifting exercises.


  • Burns tummy fats.
  • Strengthen the core muscle.
  • Provides front and back support.
  • Aids in shaping midsection.
  • Balances body weight when lifting objects during workouts.
  • Enhances spine stability.
  • Provides the needed ventilation to the body.


  • Tends to over-tighten the waist.
  • Less color options.
  • Heavy material, making it uncomfortable for those with big-sized waists.
  1. ROSE 1020 Colombian Latex Waist Trainer

LT.ROSE 1020 Colombian Latex Waist Trainer

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The LT.ROSE 1020 is made of 90% nylon material, as nylon does a commendable job when it comes to the waist shaping. Besides, the material can hold the body’s midsection tight, thus helps in attaining the correct shape and form during Colombian waist training.

Thanks to the material, the LT.ROSE 1020 helps to burn away all the unwanted fats that may have accumulated in your abdomen. Many women who work out every day say that LT.ROSE 1020 is the only thing they can rely on when they want to stay in shape.

Its seams, hooks, elastic band, and the material of the LT.ROSE 1020 waist trainer are perfect. Interestingly, the manufacturer will not hesitate to make up to your money that you spent on the waist trainer if you think that the waist trainer has no effect on you.


  • Gets rid of body fats.
  • Helps maintain body shape.
  • Firmens butt and midsection.
  • Does not come with latex odor.
  • Three hook and eye closure mechanism.
  • Helps in getting your lost belly back.
  • Elastic, thus easy to find your size.
  • Made from elastic and soft material.


  • Less color selection
  • Don’t have 4XL or above plus size.
  1. Fajas Salome 0313 Reductoras Colombian Waist Trainer

Fajas Salome 0313 Reductoras Colombian Waist Trainer

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The Fajas Salome 0313 Colombian waist cincher can exert absolute compression on midsection which making it possible for you to achieve your desired shape.

For you to get the best results, you must choose the right waist trainer size. If you choose the wrong size (perhaps bigger or smaller than your waist size), then you will not achieve the ideal waist shape no matter how long you wear it.

The Fajas Salome 0313 is fitted with a nice Powernet, which is the first thing you will see is on the Fajas Salome 0313’s external layer. The Powernet can produce high compression to flatten bulge fat around the midsection. The inner cotton lining allows for movement freely and comfort. The Fajas Salome 0313 is very recommended to wear every day, because it is not obvious under the clothes.


  • Nice beige and black color.
  • Several sizes to choose from.
  • Has different layers that enhance durability.
  • Comfortable and fits all sizes of women.
  • The zipper closure makes it fit snugly to the body


  • No colors to choose.
  1. Fajas Salome Colombianas Moldeadoras para Adelgazar Waist Shaper

Fajas Salome Colombianas Moldeadoras para Adelgazar Waist Shaper

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The Fajas Salome waist shaper available in black and beige color. It uses a zipper closure technique to snug to your body, and it made from some of the best materials (i.e. nylon and elastane) the world has ever produced. The nylon takes the larger share, which makes up 93%; and the other material, elastane takes up the remaining 7%. The combination produces a highly durable waist shaper.

The Fajas Salome waist shaper is recommended for ladies who like to attend particular event and party. When you put this shaper underneath clothes, it can make her midsection and behind look stunning while help in lifting up buttock.


  • Made from durable and quality materials.
  • Elastic yet strong.
  • Great compression, especially on big tummies.
  • You can use it as a panty and at the same time a waist trainer.
  • Available in black and beige colors.
  • Has adjustable straps in case you need to.


  • The shoulder straps may make users uncomfortable.
  • Some say its compression not enough strong.
  1. Vedette Sport Colombian Waist Trainer with Zipper

Vedette Sport Colombian Waist Trainer with Zipper

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The Vedette Sport cincher is great in a variety of ways. For instance, while some waist shapers create stretches and stretch marks on your waist, but the Vedette Sport cincher is soft and does not create marks on your midsection. It does not only fit you by giving you the size and body shape that you need but also improves your body posture.

It has double enhanced security and double compression because apart from the eye and hook closing technique which forms the basic closure, there is also an additional zipper at the front panel.

In addition, the Vedette Sport cincher contains rods for back support and light boning to avoid wearer complain of back pain, which is why this is one of the Colombian extra compression waist cincher preferred by women.


  • Easy to care.
  • You only need hand washing and line drying.
  • Extra security and compression thanks to double closure.
  • Helps smoothen the waist, the abdomen, and back fat.
  • Enhances body shape and makes you look sexy.


  • Comes in one color.
  • A bit rigid.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you should take action right now to prove it work if you still have questions about does Colombian waist training really work. We are confident to ensure that the top 5 best Colombian waist trainer reviews listed above are the latest in the market, and are also effective for men and women who wants to flatten their stomachs and want to have an hourglass effect.