Things You Need To Know: Is Waist Training Permanent?

As far as we know that waist training is a practice of wearing waist trainer or corset garment every day as part of a healthy lifestyle. The objectives is to make the wearer’s waist slimmest (like a magic, your waistline can feel immediately drop a few inches) when the waist trainer is closed. The effect is immediate, that is why many people like it since last for centuries until now. If you are like other people, then you will like the waist training, so that you want to continue to practice. However, questions about “is waist training results permanent”; “is waist training permanent” always come up in many beginners’ minds. My answer is YES, the waist training results permanent.

Opssss!!! Why there some fitness consultant or nutritionist said the waist training results semi-permanent? This is because the waist trainer or corset only trims your body temporarily. After you stop wearing it for a few days, your body may return to its original shape, all things being equal.

Let’s talk about practical actions turn the semi-permanent result to waist training permanent result.

Ways To Turn The Semi-Permanent To Permanent Result

Ways to turn the semi-permanent to permanent result

Everyone can instantly see the slimming effect once they put the waist trainer or corset on their midsection. It can instantly tight up 3 – 4 inch waist size. What about the long-term results? Then you should follow waist training regimen, which mean wear waist trainer or corset incorporate with a healthy diet and workout routine. 

Let’s Step In Waist Trainer Part

i. Choosing a best waist trainer or corset is very important, so you have to decide on what the size and style that fit you well. At first, you just need to wear it for a short period of time, 4 to 5 hours per days, to waist train. You don’t need to wear too tight at first as it may make you hard to breathe.

ii. After a few weeks, you can increase the time you wear waist trainer or corset gradually during the day. And you might notice that your waist trainer or corset becomes started conforms to your curvature (some other called SEASONING), and you are more comfortable. Soon, you are able to wear a waist trainer or corset all day long; and get rid of the waist to achieve the ideal hourglass figure.

iii. What you’ll start to notice is that when you take your waist trainer corset off, your waistline remains smaller – not quite as small as with the waist trainer corset on, but smaller than when you started.  As long as you keep putting your waist trainer corset daily, you can keep semi-permanent results. 

iii. You will begin to notice that your waistline become smaller when you take off the waist trainer or corset (not quite as small as with the waist trainer corset on) but at least smaller than when you started. As long as you do it consistently, you can turn to the waist training permanent result from semi-permanent result.

Let’s Step In A Workout Routine And Healthy Diet

A waist trainer or corset is one of a supplementary part to get rid of your waistline, it may help you reduce to a certain point and there will be limits. That’s mean for achieving better and long-term result, you have to put on a waist trainer or corset for several hours a day, and also incorporate a healthy balanced diet and workout routine.

Wearing a waist trainer to perform any kind of workout (i.e. sit up, side plank, oblique “V” crunches, and etc.) during workout sessions. This practice helps you sweat harder and intensify your workout by stimulating heat in your midsection.

In terms of healthy eating, the waist trainers seems to have a kind of “magic power” that will remind wearers to eat in smaller portions throughout the day when you put them on, which is generally a healthier way to eat than with large meals. Also, more effective workouts will naturally make you to burn calories crazy and potentially lose weight, if you eat wisely.

You may experience a boost in confidence when you wear a waist trainer or corset because it flattening in your bulged, give you back supports and helps your clothes fit better. This boost in confidence can be a powerful motivator to stick with your workout and nutrition diet plan.

Several Factors Affect The Waist Training Permanent Results

Several factors affect the waist training permanent results

Your weight loss goal: If you have reached your weight loss goal and are in good physical condition, but you still want to see better results, it may take longer for you to reach your goal.

Your lifestyle: Don’t think that wearing a waist trainer or corset in your life can achieve permanent results without any exercise and a balanced healthy diet. Then you are totally wrong! You need to combine exercise and healthy diet to achieve the waist training permanent effect.

Your natural body shape: Genetic factors aren’t beyond your control. This mean women who are naturally curvy tend to shrink the size of the waist trainer faster when actively exercising. If you are petite build or narrow frame, your results may not be so obvious and may give up to move forward.

Bottom Line

We hopefully you understand the theory in this “is waist training permanent” article. The waist training results you want semi-permanent or permanent is all in your hands. You need to move on and get the results you want. This useful phrase can help you move forward – a healthy meal will not make you healthy instantly, and one exercise will not make you strong instantly. If you stop any of them, the result will stop as well. Cheer Up!