SBELTS MISS: Women’s Sbelt Waist Trainer Reviews

Women dream of having a perfect female hourglass waist figure. But for many of us, this may seem like an impossible dream. If you just rely on diet or some basic exercise, there is no way to achieve an hourglass figure. Fortunately, we can rely on the Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer to create the ideal hourglass shape for us. No worry, the following will show you very details Sbelt waist trainer reviews.

What is a Sbelts Miss waist trainer?

What is a waist trainer Sbelts Miss

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The Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer is the compression garment for the job. Its design not only gives you a sexy hourglass shape in seconds, but it also makes you look like immediately lost two-size waistline. The innovative double compression waist training technology can do all the work for you, so all you have to do is wear it.

Oops, we know there have many uncomfortable and even painful waist trimmers on the market. If the body shapers aren’t worth it if you are made to suffer through pain or injury. However, the Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer did not have the issues stated above. The back of Sbelt waist trainer is made of 4 hard plastic bones, which are effectively compressed the abdomen and providing back support. The Sbelts have adjustable features, while some other waist trainer don’t. So, you can easily tighten it up on the go.

One of greatest feature of the Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer is that you can wear it when doing activities, as its just comfortable and stretchy fabric stays in place as well as doesn’t look noticeable under the user clothes.  The lightweight and stretchy fabric is designed to stay in place so that you can put it on your next date or while going out for dinner with your lover.

It was launched in 2018 and has been sought after in a short time to become one of the best waist trainers. Women like Sbelt because it has two main features (which is it compresses and gives you support; and it immediately slims your waist). Also, it helps firm and tighten the skin. If you want to reduce weight, it can complement your efforts as well.

What is Sbelt trainer advantages and disadvantages?

Sbelt trainer advantages and disadvantages

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We know that no one product can satisfy everyone. Let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages below.


  • The durable sticky area is made with double compression waist training technology
  • It can make you lose two inch waistline instantly in seconds
  • It invisible under clothes
  • Shapes your figure highlight your curves
  • Back with 4 sturdy plastic bones for immediate pressure on abdominal and back support
  • It’s adjustable for easy tightening or loosening on the go while it doesn’t move around when you do.
  • Help in tones and firms your skin
  • It comes with Velcro closures
  • Its price affordable


  • May be too wide, short, or higher for some women.

The Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer doesn’t have to resort to invasive procedures and its price is so affordable so you can achieve a gorgeous feminine hourglass shape regardless of your small budget.

What people say about the Sbelt?

It’s mainly designed to help women of all sizes and reach an hourglass shape in seconds. Almost all female users liked it very much when we checked their Sbelt review column from its AMAZON store. According to women said the Sbelt waist trainer is comfortable to wear and perfect for waist circumference. Many mothers of giving birth liked it due to they rely on it to help them to train their abdomen to back to their pre-pregnancy size, and they’re satisfied with how well it works.

Customer on Sbelt waist trainer reviews and results

S Belt waist trainer reviews by Amazon M customer

“I love the belt because it definitely helps with posture. It also helps with eating. The compression doesn’t only remind me not to eat as much, but truly you can’t eat as much.” By M customer

S belt's Miss waist trainer review by M customer

“It makes me look great! Even notice it’s making a difference in my waist after a few days of wearing the belt with my diet and workout routine.” By Amazon customer

However, some customers are dissatisfied because the Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer does not work well for those people who have rolls and flabs issues. Some others say it’s uncomfortable and said the Velcro was not tight enough.

A user shares their Sbelt waist trainer results on Amazon

Sbelt waist trainer belt by Tina Guo

You can see the user showed hourglass shape results by just put it on the abdomen.


Q: Can you wear Sbelt under clothes?

A: Yes! It is easily wearable under your clothes.

Q: Does Sbelt have a steel boning structure?

A:  It’s plastic.

Q: Is Sbelts Miss Belt a waist trainer?

A: YES! Sbelt is the waist trainer designed to give you a sexy hourglass shape in seconds and makes you look like immediately lost two inch size waistline.

Q: Can I sleep with Sbelts Miss waist trainer?

A: The Sbelts is that you can wear it when doing activities such as workout or while you are sleeping, as its just comfortable and stretchy fabric stays in place.

Q: How do I personally feel about Sbelt’s Miss waist trainer?

A: For me personally, I think buying a Sbelt is the best decision I have ever made when I look back on my previous body. I would definitely recommend it to any woman because its product comfort, quality and durability are second to none. The main part is its effectiveness results.

Q: Does Sbelt help lose weight?

A: Its main features to compresses and shape your waist. However, it can complement your efforts if you want to lose weight as well.

Final Verdict

The Sbelts Miss Waist Trainer is a simple, easy-to-use compression girdle that makes you look two sizes smaller within seconds. It’s so much more than that due to it made with quality materials and features that are designed to offer back support. There have many positive Sbelt waist trainer reviews from women who love it, so it deserves to get in top 10 best waist trainer on the market.

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