Do waist trainers work?

With all the hype created by some well known celebrities (most prominent among them being Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba) and the social media, waist trainers are hard to go unnoticed, especially by women. If you are a woman and conscious about your tummy fat bulging out of your new sleek evening outfit, chances are you have done some research and come across the most contemporary, most advanced way of losing weight: waist training. This new trend is so much more effective and convenient than the conventional grueling weight loss techniques that it has quickly caught the eye of so many people, even men! Thousands of orders are now being placed online for waist cinchers and corsets. The best waist cinchers and corsets differ slightly in the results they show but the general idea is the same.

If you are considering starting your own waist training regime, the first question that comes to mind is: Do waist trainers actually work? Naturally, if you are going through the trouble of buying a waist trainer and then building a routine to wear it on a regular basis, you would want some guarantee as to whether you will achieve the desired result: an hourglass shape, a flatter belly! The answer is a big YES! You can rest assured and start your waist training regime without any doubts.

Don’t want to take our word for it? You are a smart person, you will need proof! Here is a list of results your waist trainer will produce with solid scientific explanation as to how it will do so.

Instantaneous hourglass figure:


You do not even need any explanation for this result. You can witness it yourself without any wait! Just put on your waist trainer, tighten its laces or fasten its hooks and look in the mirror! Your waist will instantly appear few inches smaller than its original size. Many women like to wear it under their evening dresses to appear slimmer and thus more beautiful.


When you fasten the trainer tightly around your waist, it will displace the fat around your waist to adjust in the new shape of your torso provided by the trainer.

Prevents you from overeating:


If you wear your waist trainer while eating, you will find a noticeable reduction in your meal size. It will make you feel fuller quicker. Consuming less food is directly related to weight loss.


You will be unable to eat large quantities while wearing a waist trainer because the tight wrapping around your tummy will constrict it from bloating. If you are consuming fewer calories, your body will need to burn its stored fat for energy production resulting in weight loss.

Enhances the results of exercise:


Wearing a waist trainer during work out enhances the results produced through exercise. You will lose weight faster and with much lesser effort required while exercising.


The reason is that the material used in the manufacturing of waist trainers stimulates excessive sweating around the waist. Excessive sweating enables faster weight loss. Most users claim to notice a reduction in their weight only within weeks of starting their waist training regime.

Getting rid of your post pregnancy belly:


Jessica Alba, a well known celebrity, claims to have used waist trainer after giving birth and achieved positive results. Waist trainers help heal the body of new mothers along with helping it return to its original shape.


After giving birth the mothers suffer from a sagging belly. Organs seem loose inside the belly area. Waist trainers give support to the sagging belly and help push the organs back in their appropriate places. Without the assistance of a waist trainer it can take several months for new mothers to get their original body shape back. Some might not achieve this purpose even after months.


Despite what some medical professionals might say, waist training has been around for centuries and for good reason. People, who have used it, swear by its effectiveness. They have posted images on social media displaying their torso before and after weeks of waist training. If used harshly (wearing it too tightly or for too long) it can produce adverse results which is the basis of medical concerns regarding waist trainers. However, if used properly and with dedication, it can be beneficial in so many ways. It is worth noting that a waist trainer alone cannot magically burn your body fat. It needs to be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise to achieve any long term fitness goals. If these proofs are not enough, why don’t you start your waist training regime today, stay dedicated to it and witness the results yourself in just a couple of weeks! You will be a living proof of its effectiveness to others like you who are unsure whether to start this regime or not. Also worth mentioning is that the waist trainer is also suitable for men.