How to Measure Torso

I guess you must be looking for ways to torso measurement (included bust, waist and hips) for some reason. Most readers come here because they want to buy new waist trainers, swimsuits, shape wear or hiking backpacks in e-commerce, but have trouble with how to measure torso. Let’s read continue… 

Is it that simple? No, but there have one phrase you have to remember always which are “the important measurements is depend on the garment you want.”  For example, when choosing a backpack, you must know your torso length; when choosing a swimsuit, you must measure your torso loop. No worries! You will be able to find these key body measurements if you are following the guideline below.

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What is your torso?

A torso is also called it the trunk of a human body.  Torso is an anatomical term for the greater part of the human body without the head and limbs (arms and legs). In anatomically speaking, the torso is composed of the chest, back and abdomen, while its main job is to protect the internal organs of the human body, which is the heart, lungs and kidneys. The image below shows exact location of “where is your torso” to avoid you to misunderstand.

Where is your torso female and men

How to measure your torso?

There are divided into measuring torso length or measuring torso circle, but please remember what I said above “the important measurements is depend on the garment you want.”

How to measure torso length?

How to measure torso length

It means the length between from your C7 vertebrae to Iliac Centre. Get ready a measuring tape if you still no idea.

Tilt your head forward and you will find the “protruding point” at the bottom of the neck-that is the C7 vertebra. Place the tape measure on that “protruding point” as starting point, and then move the tape measure vertically run to the Iliac Crest center, which is the space above your hip bones.

According to our survey report: the average torso length of men is usually between 18 and 22 inches; while the average torso length of women is between 13 and 19 inches. Of course, everyone’s body is different e.g. some short person may have a proportionally longer torso length than the tall person while some people may have long legs but their torso length is short.

How to measure torso loop?

How to measure your torso loops

Place the “zero” end of the tape measure on the top of the inner shoulder as a starting point, then tilt the other end of the tape measure down to the middle of the body and pass between the legs, then use other hand grab it return to the starting point of the tape measure on the shoulder.

How to measure your bust?

How to measure your bust

The best ways for measuring your bust accurate is removes all of your clothes and bra. Use a tape measure and wrap directly under the breast along the ribs, while making sure it is level with the parallel. It’s your under bust measurement also referred it’s about bra band size. Next is measuring your bust line size also referred it’s for cup size, which is placing the measuring tape at the fullest part of your bust.

**Each inch that exceeds the size of the bra band represents a letter of cup size.

Women Cup Size = (Underbust Measurement – Bustline Measurement) If Grap Cup size letters
< 1 AA
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 DD


  • For example 1: The under bust measurement of Jennifer is 32 inches and bust line measurement is 36 inches. The two figures are four inches apart, which is D cup, so her bra size is 32D.
  • For example 2: The under bust measurement of Kylie is 34 inches and bust line measurement is 36 inches. The two figures are two inches apart, which is B cup, so her bra size is 34B.

How to measure my waist?

How to measure my waist

Roll up your shirt, the natural waist is normally located below your rib cage or above your navel.  Or either, that’s your natural waist if you see the crease that forms after you bend to the side.

Stand straight and use the measure tape to wrap (kind of like tying a belt) at your natural waistline. To ensure to get a correct measurement, please do not suck your stomach or pull too tightly.

How to measures your hips?

How to measures your hips

Take off your pants and stand in front of the mirror so that you can place the tape measure correctly. Your hips are located at the fullest part of the buttocks. Let’s start…

Put your feet together and hold a measuring tape around the fullest part of the buttocks. Don’t pull the tape and ensure the tape is only snug at the surface of skin. Use one hand to hold the starting point of the tape measure in place on the front side of the body, meanwhile the other hand wraps the tape around your body until it intersects the starting point. Write down the hips measurements and measure again to ensure accuracy.

Tutorial how torso measurement for waist trainer?

The waist trainer requires almost no effort to obtain the ideal figure result when wearing it several hours a day. Its garment extends from the top of the ribs to the top hips, which its purpose is to flatten the bulge fat around whole waist and help in reaching the hourglass shape for a period of time. It is well-known that if combined with proper exercise and diet will be effective in weight loss as well. This is why many people are eager to get the best waist trainer.

However, select these garments are total different from the regular clothes so that you will be tricky to measure. For select a fit waist trainer, the most important torso measurement refers to waist measurement rather than bust or hip.

Let’s start the step now:

  1. Don’t guess and go ready a soft measuring tape.
  2. In order to obtain accurate waist measurement results, it is best to remove any stuff around the waist.
  3. Your natural waist will be the narrowest part of your torso, usually above the navel.
  4. Place the end of the tape measure on above the belly button and wrap it around the waist with ensuring the tape is parallel to the floor. The measure tape should close to the surface of the skin and not deep into the skin.
  5. Check and record where the zero end of the tape measure intersects with the other end. The location of the intersection is your actual waist size measurement now.
  6. If you are worried about accuracy, you can double check again and again. So you can find the average waist size number.

Tutorial how torso measurement for waist trainer

put measuring tape on navel and check

The following is the two different size chart sample:

Find the desired waist trainer product on any website, and then look up the size chart (only showing waist trainer size and waist size are displayed) on its product page to determine the size that best suits you.

waist trainer size chart sample

The chart is very simple, just choose a fit waist cincher based on your waist size.

  • Situation 1: Isabella measured her waist to be about 35 inches, so choosing 3XL is the best fit for her.
  • Situation 2: Emma measures her waist to be about 40 inches, so she can choose 5XL or 6XL. But I will suggest that you choose the closest one, namely 5XL.

Almost website will only require your waist size. Of course, there some website require other measurement like your torso length, bust, or hips and etc. measurement info find a matching waist trainer for you. Don’t worry because now you know how to measure torso (bust, waist, hips) by the follow above guideline, but waist measurement is the most important part.

waist cincher size chart sample

The chart shows that you need to choose a fit waist cincher based on your waist size and hips size.

  • Situation 3: Sophia’s waist is about 30 inches and hips is about 38 inches, so choose L is the most suitable for her.

Note: The waist trainer size may differ from the exact inch by a maximum of 2 cm. So I suggest you choose three rows of hooks and eye closures. At least if there one row of hooks is too tight or too loose to accommodate you, you can use the next rows or the previous rows of hooks.


Step on how to measure your torso i.e. bust, waist and hips is not that difficult after you completed reading the guideline above, but it may take some extra time to do it. Taking the above waist trainer measurement tutorial as an example, this will definitely save you time and money, because this step will avoid you from asking the company to exchange the size because it size is too tight or too loose issues.