Best Long Torso Waist Trainer vs. Short Torso Waist Trainer

At this long torso waist trainer vs. short torso waist trainer guide, you can choose the best garment without a doubt after reading this article.

A common question we get from our customers is: Do I choose a waist trainer for a short torso or a long torso? The answer is YES! In addition to considering the material quality and price, it is also necessary to find the length of the waist trainer.

Many people don’t know their vertical body shape actually, which leads can’t select the right waist cinher for your body type. YES, it is because there is a difference between long and short torso waist trainers.

First, you must determine which vertical body shape you belong to, such as whether your torso is a balanced, short, or long. The simplest way to determine vertical body shape type is by using a measuring tape to measure the length between the base of your neck and the bottom of your spine.

Vertical Body Shape Type

Vertical body shape types - balanced- long torso- short torso

Vertical Body Shape Types – Long Torso vs. Short Torso

Vertical body shape types divided into three categories:

  • Balanced – give an impression of significant proportions, but the legs may appear shorter than actual. So it’s not considered ideal.
  • Short legs & long torso – give people the impression that you may appear short even though you may be an average or tall height.
  • Long legs & short torso – is considered ideal. Long legs can make a person look taller than actual, so they can trick the eye into believing that they are tall even though they are short or average height.

For the women torso,

  • If the measurement between 15 -17 inches is average.
  • If less than 15 inches considered short.
  • If more than 17 inches considered long.

In general, if your height is less than 5 feet 2 inches, then your body torso may be short. If your height is more than 5 feet 6 inches, then your body torso may be very long. However, you should confirm by measure.

Long Torso Problem

One of the frustrations of a long torso is some waist trainers can’t cover your lower abdomen. If you’re concerned about your lower abdominal coverage, you might like our top 3 best waist trainer for long torso. Or, pair the waist cincher of your select with shaping leggings for more coverage.

Best Long Torso Waist Trainer

#3 YIANNA Women Underbust Long Torso Waist Trainer

YIANNA Women Underbust Long Torso Waist Trainer

YIANNA Latex Long Waist Trainer not just because it’s the ideal waist cincher for most women, but its very sexy, durable fit, comfortable.

The YIANNA waist cinher makes a solid case for the former choice so that you will found that a difference in the way you walk, stand, and sit.

One of YIANNA trainer features is the thermal support, so it does is sits comfortably under your bust while boosting thermal activity. Also, it enhances sweating when you’re waist training.

It can result in weight loss, muscle toning, and kills toxins by discharge sweat. The high compression feature fit of this trainer is incredible due to it does a lot more than other waist cinchers to shape the body and support aspect.

As far as the fit goes, the sizing is adjustable and perfect. The YIANNA waist cincher has three rows of hook and eyes closures, allowing you to make the adjustable and perfect fit.

#2 Lover-Beauty Latex Long Torso Waist Trainer

Lover-Beauty Latex Long Torso Waist Trainer

The Lover-Beauty Latex is affordable, and it’s the ideal long torso waist trainer for plus sizes as well. It can be a tight fit around the back and love handles.

No one can notice that you wear it under your clothes when you are exercising or meeting up with a lover over dinner.  Lover-Beauty really can solve in back fat, tummy, and love handles correctly. Therefore, this Lover-Beauty long torso waist trainer is the ideal choice if you are the person who doesn’t like to show too much underneath clothing.

The material feels breathable and soft as well as it has a tighter fit than other trainers. The fabric doesn’t make you clingy or sticky issues if you plan to wear it for long.

The waist cincher had a strange smell when he arrived. But the smell will disappear after a few days of use. However, it really can shape your body well to giving you a curvy body and a smooth outline.

#1 LadySlim Fajas Colombiana Latex Extra Long Waist Trainer

LadySlim Fajas Colombiana Latex Long Waist Trainer

The LADY SLIM Fajas is one of the best tightening garments on the market. It made of good quality natural latex which offers excellent compression for thermal activity.

It can make your body bulge smooth and create an hourglass shape no matter what you want to wear. Such a personalized fit is hard to come by, so that’s why LADY SLIM Fajas extra-long waist trainer has a never-ending reputation for quality.

It comes with three hooks and eyes closures that offer you the best adjustability and flex. It is difficult to wear any waist cincher for the first few days, including feeling a little uncomfortable or nervous. Don’t worry because it will quickly adapt to your size and shape as well as getting comfortable.

“In particular, workout bands are shorter, but they are designed to give wearer more range of motion during training. So it is not a bad thing.”

Short Torso Problem

Women with a shorter torso are some waist cinchers garments don’t fit correctly and also have to base on how garments are constructed and even jab a little at your ribs or hips. The following will list our top 3 best waist trainers for sort torso.

Best Short Torso Waist Trainer

#3 VENUZOR Short Torso Waist Trainer Belt for Women

VENUZOR Short Torso Waist Trainer Belt for Women

This VENUZOR Waist Cincher Belt is a force you can count on because of the belt is designed using stretchy, adjustable, and comfortable neoprene fabric material.

Also, the material is latex free, durable, and flexible. It’s important to note that the fit factor is up to the mark, so don’t expect the waist trainer belt to pinch or irritate your skin.

There are double hooks and loops for your maximum adjustment, and the mesh backing is breathability. The VENUZOR belt is very flexible due to the neoprene construction. Therefore, you can wear on during your excessive fat and calorie-burning sessions — it such as a sauna around the tummy. The VENUZOR short torso waist trainer helps in removing fat around the midsection area.

Besides, the VENUZOR waist cincher belt provides enough back support as well.  It’s sufficiently wide to cover your core region, and it remains in place during exercise. It optimally thick, which able to generate enough heat that can be expelling unwanted toxins and burning the fat. It’s an excellent option for women who want to postpartum recovery.

The VENUZOR is a clear winner in terms of comfort and support. But it has an extensive front because it shows over body-hugging clothing. Instead, it’s utterly undetectable below more relaxed outfits.

#2 YIANNA Female Short Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

YIANNA Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

YIANNA female short torso waist trainer corset made with high elasticity spiral steel bones. So it can bend quite easily to support wearer every movement, and able to recovering quickly back to the original shape at the same time.  It is also worth noting is the applied of natural latex for high compression. The YIANNA Female Short Torso Waist Trainer helps in losing at least 3 – 5 inches of your waist once you put it on.

The YIANNA features comfortable and sweat-absorbent cotton lining so that no need to worry about its sticky and breathability issues. It thermal-boosting function is quite commendable too so that burning your fat are very much possible results.

The fit of the YIANNA is perfect even if you have a short torso. It’s an under-bust waist cincher, so it doesn’t make your breasts a weird shape.

#1 Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset

Lover-Beauty Women's Latex Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset

The Lover-Beauty short torso waist trainer made of cotton 96%, spandex 4%, and core – latex 100%. It features high compression when the core is 100% latex. And it can look forward to its breathability when the lining is cotton.

There’s beautiful lace on the outside, and there’s breathable cotton on the inside. Lover-Beauty considered best short torso waist trainer is unquestionably smooth because of its multi-purpose such as wear it under your clothes for body shaping, yoga, gym, postpartum, and so on.

It constructed by nine spiral steel supportive bones, so it is very flexible on your waist and recovered to the original shape. However, don’t expect the Lover-Beauty short waist trainer corset able to ride up when sitting or bending.

Below are the several unbeatable advantages you should consider.

  • Increases your blood flow and speed up weight loss.
  • It phenomenal improves overall posture and reduces back fatigue.
  • It can be shaping your waist faster, especially useful for post-pregnancy women.
  • A good option for tummy control. The quality and extra support are also quite praiseworthy.
  • Three hook closures feature to allow you size adjustments are not a hassle either.

“If you are doing waist training, you can found that the workout waist cincher is a good fit for you because of its narrow design, so you can even wear it under everyday clothing.”


We hope you find these tips in this long torso waist trainer vs. short torso waist trainer article because you can find the perfect waist cincher for your body.