Waist Training Guideline: Waist Train without Corset

According to the last generation said the foundation of waist training have to involve wearing a corset to semi permanently reshape your figure into an hourglass. In simple word, it means can gradually reshape your cartilage, and re-position organs and ribs change the shape of the wearer’s body. Then what if how to waist train without corset? Or how can I get an hourglass without a corset? Is it possible?

The answer is definitely YES! The traditional waist training impression has completely changed after many celebrities have shown that they are doing waist train by wearing waist trainer instead of the corset. It’s even better than corsets in terms of price, functionality, durability, and waist trim result etc…  Do you think that’s done? Let’s continue.

How to waist train without a corset?

How to waist train without a corset

You may question whether the effect of waist training without corset is not so significant. Please change your mindset right now, and we have found out a lot of solutions for you. There have total three methods waist train without corset to reach an hourglass body result, which are:

  1. Wearing a waist trainer

Wearing a waist trainer

Well! If you still find something how to cinch your waist without a corset, then I’m sure the waist trainer is the first choice. Why do people prefer it now?

It looks similar to a corset, but there are important differences between them. Maybe later on another article waist trainer vs. corset will say the details. Almost waist cincher is made from latex, cotton, spandex, neoprene materials, and using spiral steel boning as the garment base structure.  The idea of using spiral steel is because it gives you the flexibility to move without too much constraints. Therefore a lot of celebrities tend to use it to replace corset for a full range of motion while help in boosting midsection temperature to burn calories and discharge toxins. Moreover, you can put the waist cincher on abdominal for whole days during your daily activities and while exercising or sleeping. In terms of price, a high-quality waist cincher can be easily found for only spend half the price of a corset.

So what can I use instead of a corset? You can consider the top 5 waist trainer in the following.

NameMaterialBrand Price
Lover-Beauty Women's Latex Underbust Cincher96% Cotton+4% Spandex, 100% Latex.Lover-Beauty$$
FeelinGirl Neoprene Waist TrainerNeoprene/Polyester/Spandex/RubberFeelinGirl$$
YIANNA Women Sport Girdle Waist Cincher Corset100% Natural Latex rubber covering;96% Cotton+4% Spandex LiningYIANNA$$
SAYFUT Weight Loss Waist Trainer CorsetPolyamideSAYFUT$$
Camellias Women Waist Cincher BeltNeoprene fabricCamellias Corsets$$
  1. Plan Waist Training Diet

Plan Waist Training Diet

People always say “eat for a slimmer waistline” is actually making sense. Simply put, slimming your waistline and eliminating belly fat by eating the right food at the right time.

I’m assuming that you have a waist cincher garment, so why not linked together? Its compression function helps you control your appetite and the intake amount.

You must make a better diet decision, and here are several diet tips:

  • Don’t ignore breakfast. A good day starts with a good breakfast. It enables the body’s metabolism to function efficiently while giving you the energy you need throughout the day. Recommended to add some super-food in your breakfast meals because can keep you fuller.
  • Eat more fiber. Reducing carbohydrates (e.g. cakes, pasta, bread and so on) and replacing them with fiber foods (e.g. fruit, vegetable, whole foods and so on) is the most effective way to trim your waist. In addition, you should avoid refined and processed foods.
  • Eat more protein. Protein (e.g. eggs, chicken breast, fish and so on) can help you stay full and strengthen your immune system. Some studies say that intake protein effectively enhance the body curve result after a abdominal workout.
  1. 4 type of effective abdominal workout

type of effective abdominal workout

Do plank superwoman.

  • On all fours. Kneel up onto your right knee, and then lifting your left foot off the floor.
  • Extend your left arm in front of you, so now balancing on your right forearm and right foot.
  • Keep core by holding and squeezing in this pose for 30 sec.
  • 2 – 3 reps per side.

Do a proper plank.

  • Forearms are shoulder-width below the chest and on the ground. Meanwhile, make sure the body is straight and the feet are together.
  • You’re balancing on your toes in this position.
  • Pull stomach up to your spine, and lowering slowly after 60 sec.
  • Repeat 3 – 5 times.

Do side plank.

  • Lying on your left side, legs extended, come up onto your left elbow and forearm.
  • Contract your core and raise your hips up to form a straight line from your ankles to shoulders.
  • Switch sides after hold for 30 sec.

Perform cardio.

Some experts suggest that if you just want to do waist train without corset, you can do cardio exercises, such as HIIT, burpees, mountain climbers, high knees and so on are good to burn fat and calories for reduce belly fat. Also, it can increase your lung capacity and makes the heart strong.

Tips: These exercises above are very specific to your abdomen. I would recommend wearing a best waist trainer for any form of exercise, as it can improve your metabolism and increase your sweating and burn calories like crazy.

If you read the above article seriously, you will know the waist trainer combined with diet and exercise is the best combination to solve the waist train without corset.