Waist Training: What is the Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle?

The best postpartum girdle is known as an abdominal binder, waist trainer, belly binder, and post pregnancy shapewear which compress your mid-section, backside, and hips, to giving you a shapely appearance. Those compression garments have existed for decades. It has gained popularity as a way to reduce the postpartum belly, waist, and hips. By wearing binder will speed up the postpartum recovery process and able to conditioning abdominal muscles back to pre-pregnancy. The abdominal binders always used after surgeries such as women who have had a cesarean section or obese. Wearing an abs binder can offer muscle support and compression while women are healing postpartum. 

What binder will do is increase mother confidence after pregnancy, and pushes those loose muscles back into the right place.  It makes you feel more comfortable after delivery, and provide excellent support to avoid pains in the lower back appear while you are picking a baby up and down.

Have you heard muscle memory? It means that once the muscle is trained as such (postpartum waist training), it will not forget this state. Therefore, a compression belly binder can coax the abs muscles to return to the previous shape by pulling the skin and muscles closer together over time.

How to use best postpartum girdle

Example: 3-in-1 Postpartum Girdle

Does using a postpartum waist trainer girdle help?

The postpartum waist trainer girdle helps the stomach and uterus shrink return to their original size, which especially good for cesarean section mothers. It can protect the incision intact they do not separate, and the support can provide you with physical benefits. Meanwhile, it will make you feel better without hurting you.

Benefits of Best Postpartum Girdle

Doctors claimed wearing a postpartum girdle can speed up the healing process no matter you had a C-section surgery or natural childbirth.

  • Restore Muscles

Muscles and skin take a long time to contract and restore flexibility when postpartum. Then girdle can keep these muscles and your skin in the right position while promoting a better posture.

  • Back support

We know new mother lead to scoliosis, spinal curvature, and radiculitis become worse due to the pressure on the back developed during pregnancy.  The abdominal wraps after pregnancy can help your additional back support.

  • Improve your self-esteem

Usually, new mother muscles will feel flabby. By using a postpartum girdle, it helps your muscles and skin speed up to return to normal. So you will feel more confident, and your body will become slimming over time.

  • Keep your abdominal in the right place

The postpartum abdominal wrap can prevent the uncomfortable movement of your skin in the abdominal area. Without the wraps can cause stretch marks and damage the elasticity of the skin. The role of the postpartum wrap prevents the movement of the loose skin thus helps in rapid recovery to a pre-pregnancy slim figure.

  • Cesarean section recovery

Wearing a postpartum girdle can relieve midsection swelling and limits the C-section area movements. It also keeps the stitches and incisions intact to avoid separation, thus helping them heal faster.

  • Can wear back pre-pregnancy clothing

You will be very happy with the effect of the abdominal binder because the joy of wearing old clothes is excellent. You can quickly put on your pre-pregnancy clothing when you have worn the abs binder underneath clothing.

Types of Postpartum Girdles:

One kind of girdle does not suit all. There are various kinds of cinching products to help support your body after childbirth, choose the one that fits you well.

  • Belly wrap

It just a wide, velcro, and elastic band. The wraps provide high compression to covers your C-section area from your ribs tops to the downs of your hips.

  • Abdominal binder

As a medical device that design for women to wear after C-section.  And it often used during the postpartum period. It provides a medium to strong compression and able adjustable (velcro).

  • Waist Trainer

Kim Kardashian and Kardashian sisters often use it for waist training, and even we can often see them using it on Instagram. It a full, and adjustable (row of hook-and-eye closures or zippers) band cover your mid-section. It can cover from under your bust to the tops of your hips. It made from latex and spiral steel boning materials. The waist cincher can reduce the size of the waist and provide compression

  • Traditional Corset

Corsets come in a difference of styles, shapes, and sizes. It designed to be worn alone or under clothing. It is not fit for postpartum women due to stiff materials, and stiff boning may hurt you.

The various types of postpartum girdles can confuse you when selecting the postpartum girdle designed to help to recover from childbirth or surgery. The right products can be great to speed up your recovery, but using the wrong product can be painful and harmful.

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When can start to wear a postpartum girdle?

It depends on whether you are giving birth naturally or cesarean section. For natural childbirth, you can start wearing it immediately after giving birth. For women who had Caesarean section, you must wait until the incision heals. However, there have some girdles you can use right away because they specifically design for C-section mothers.

How long can you wear a postpartum girdle?

You can use it all day or even while sleeping. It depends on your physical body, so that difficult to predict when the uterus will return to its size, and women’s skin elasticity will be different. Some people can quickly restore the shape before pregnancy, while others may need more time. If you have a cesarean section, you need to wear a girdle to protect the stitches to healing. Stitch healing usually takes about four weeks, but it may take longer if the blood circulation is disturbed.

Is postpartum belly wraps safely?

There may some healthcare providers claimed that wearing a belly girdle may impact a woman’s digestive system, and too tightly binding the abdominal will weaken back muscles and lead in stress incontinence. However, there some doctors will encourage new mothers to use girdle or belly wraps after pregnancy. These specify designed for postpartum women to protect their incision and provide spine support as well as accelerate your recovery process.

A postpartum girdle or wraps will help your body return to their pre-pregnancy especially your abdomen, waist, and hips. Few things to remember before wearing:

  • Your body took nine months to nurture your newborn, so that also takes a lot of time to heal and recover. Your body will take a several months to return to pre-pregnancy by a postpartum girdle.
  • Do not wear any binder until a doctor has confirmed you.
  • Make sure your C-section area dry and cleaned before wear the belly binder after pregnancy to avoid infection or irritation. If you feel any discomfort, then stop using it.

Choosing a postpartum wrap or girdle

Several things have to consider before buying postpartum or post-pregnancy girdle which included:

  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • wear-ability
  • Price etc.

So, choosing the right girdle meets your requirements due to certain mothers looking for wraps to help them hide post-baby weight while some others might require to support their body parts and shape their body.


There are many kinds of postpartum girdles available on the market for those women who have just given birth. Select the best postpartum girdle to depend on your individual needs and body region require support. Rely on the postpartum girdle for a long time may weaken your body muscle repair system, so you must give your abs muscle specific training.

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